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Lectures and Addresses by William V. Rauscher

The following titles comprise a list of public presentations delivered by The Reverend Canon William V. Rauscher. These lectures and addresses have been delivered before various groups and audiences (both religious and secular) in the United States, Canada and abroad:

The Colonial Church
Saint David's in Wales
Changing Family Patterns in a Changing World
Christian Mysticism
The Problem of Other Planets
The Power of Mystical Prayer
The Mystic Meaning of Light
Parapsychology and Christianity
Christmas Meanings in Symbol and Legend
The Mysterious Shroud of Turin
Civilization - Its Strength and Frailty
Angels - Their Meaning and Function
Do We Really Need Science?
Spirit Possession - True or False
Have We Lived Before?
The Faith of Abraham Lincoln
The Haunting of Sacred Places
Consciousness in the Bible
Healing: Spiritual or Physical
The Parapsychology of Prayer
From Ghoulies and Ghosties
Immortality or Resurrection?
The Mystery of the Magi
The Divine Quest in Music
How To Conduct A Prayer Group
Holy Scripture and the Paranormal
Columbus - Christian Explorer
The E.S.P. of Death
Pastoral Care and the Occult
What About Dreams?
Pilgrimage To Iona
Religion and Masonry
Masonic Presidents
Magicians and Masonry
John Calvert - The Great Adventurer
Worship: Private and Public
ESP or Trickery?
The Murky World of Spiritualism
The Cults and the Occult
"In God We Trust" -- Founding Fathers and the Divine Architect
George Washington, Man of Prayer
Investigating Spiritualism - Conclusions or Delusions
E.S.P. For Businessmen
Mediums I Have Known
The Mystical and the Psychical
Communion or Communication?
Prayer and the Life Beyond
Houdini: The Master Mystifier
Eileen J. Garrett: Her World of Awareness
The Enigma of Arthur Ford
Houdini's Magic and Ford's Mystery
Jacob Marley's Ghost
Barnum Presents Tom Thumb
The Power of Suggestion
Mind Readers of History
Leroy, Talma and Bosco - Monarchs of Magic
The Story of Edwin Booth
The Many Worlds of Walter B. Gibson - "The Shadow Knows"
The Legendary Phillips Brooks
Clement Clark Moore - Scholar and Poet
A Visit To Glastonbury Abbey
Christian Signs and Symbols
When Thurston Came To Town
The Psychic Mafia
From Saint to Santa
The Man Who Walked On The Moon
Should I Choose The Ministry?
Sex and Religion
I Sold My Linking Rings!
Church In Frenzy
Journey To The Renaissance
The Magic In My Life
Thinking About A Rose
The Color Spectrum Speaks
Judas: The Tragic Traitor
Holy Communion - A Sacrament Or A Social?
S.S. Adams - High Prest of Pranks and Merchant of Magic
Chester Carlson - The Xerox Man
To Be Or Not To Be - Suicide Today
The Titanic - Premonitions of a Disaster
Kalanag - Magician of the Third Reich
Here's To Your Health
Servais Leroy - Monarch of Mystery
The Mind Readers - Masters of Deception