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John Calvert - Magic and Adventures Around the World

by William V. Rauscher
Published 1987 by Claitor's Publishing Division, Baton Rouge, La.
also available the DVD 'JOHN CALVERT, HIS MAGIC and ADVENTURES".

John CalvertOnly a dedicated magic buff could have so thoroughly researched and written a book recounting John Calvert's breath-taking illusions onstage, his incredible daredevil feats, and his many real-life escapes from death. In this compelling narrative and with three hundred photographs, William V. Rauscher describes the magic career that led to record-breaking engagements on Broadway and exciting adventures around the world. Calvert has captivated audiences in the great cities of five continents.

Rauscher tells of the successful movie career, often touched by Calvert's own magical good fortune, where he starred in many popular films and went on to succeed in most of the facets of the motion picture industry. The audhor relates hair-raising exploits of Calvert in his private airliners, in which he transported his cast and the props and sets of his glittering stage productions; and of Calvert at sea, where he encountered typhoons in the Pacific, pirates off the coast of China, gunboats in the Straits of Taiwan, and the loss of three great yachts, including the gallant sailing vessel Sea Fox. After his speedboat sank off the coast of Borneo, the magician swam for nearly sixteen hours in waters infested with sea snakes, sharks, and Portuguese men-of-war until he was picked up by a native fisherman.

Rauscher has gathered a remarkable collection of photographs chronicling Calvert's life from his childhood in New Trenton, Indiana, through most of his unique experiences. The illustrations enhance this thrilling and inspiring saga about an extraordinary man whose daring, imagination and faith have propelled and sustained him through a long life of adventure in a magical aura where success and survival clearly have triumphed. John Calvert: Magic and Adventures Around the World contains details of a story that continues today with all the glamour and mystique that have followed Calvert through five decades.

Walter B. Gibson, world famous magic author, historian and creator of "The Shadow,"said: "There is no question that John Calvert has lived his magic. He is reminiscent of the legendary Scottish magician, Professor Anderson. John Henry Anderson (1814-1874) known as the famous 'Wizard of the North' fearlessly traveled and performed throughout the world more than 100 years ago. Rauscher has captured that same excitement of travel, adventure, nostalgia, and theatre. This is a remarkable, wonderful, and compelling story of a man who is the last of the big international traveling shows and still actively performing and living an exciting life. John Calvert will be remembered as one of the great and unique magicians of history. He is a dynamic man."