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Ron Urban - The Urban Legend - Master Magican and Showman

by William V. Rauscher

Ron Urban - Master Magician, Showman and Entrepreneur!
Now for the first time we present this beautiful tribute
as told by one of the premiere magic biographers today - William V. Rauscher.

For those old enough to remember Ron Urban and his performances in his prime, join us for a colorful and wonderous journey back to that silver era of magic. If you are not lucky enough to be part of that generation, this book will surely intrigue you. Any reader should be prepared to make friends with a remarkable man and his family, but also gain a distinct perspective in a unique but not quite forgotten era in entertainment history.

Ron UrbanRon Urban's life is not only the story of a world-traveling entertainer but also a lesson in determination, the importance of a strong work ethic, the constant effort to make wishes come true, and the zeal it takes to become a famous personality in show business.

From his teens until retirement, Urban traveled the globe performing in the most luxurious places on earth. He pioneered Theater on Ice, produced show segments for Holiday on Ice, had his own ice shows, worked seasons at major amusement parks and stablished Rent-a-Rink, where is company installed ice rinks anywhere, even at the White House. His career encompassed performing in supper clubs, night clubs, cabarets, dinner theaters and spectacular casino productions.

His travels took him around the world to all the first-class locations, many that no longer exist. Urban deserves great recognition, not only in the world o magic but in so many other aspect of show business. He was a consummate performer, a first-class attaction with an unusual act, and someone who worked constant throughout the world. You will be amazed at his drive and determination, his many shows, and a legacy that serves as an example that could well be followed by many young performers today. Ron Urban and his gracious wife Monica brought colorful, dignified theatrical performances to the world. After reading this book, we are sure you will agree that he is indeed, "The Urban Legend."

Hardcover, Color Cover, 138 pages. Many color and B&W photographs and illustrations.

Copies may be ordered direct at

Ron Urban - The Urban Legend at 1878press.com