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Magic in Rhyme: A Magicians' Anthology of Poems, Verses and Limericks

by William V. Rauscher
Published by 1878 Press Company

Bill Rauscher has compiled a volume with hundreds of verses written by more than 100 authors featuring magic and magicians in both serious, humorous, lighthearted poems and limericks.

This attractive book is a pleasing, refreshing, serious, funny and touching anthology for the magic fraternity.

In the book are many photos and illustrations and the poems are complimented by introductions and commentary.

You are are invited to enter the magic minds of such notables as Theo Bamberg, Silent Mora, Dan Waldron, Herman Weber, Frances Willard, Dorny, Micky Hades, Karrell Fox, Willard Smith, Harry Opel, Rudy Vida, Saram Ellison, Lance Pierce, Henry R. Evans, MarcoM, Houdini and many others.

Published by 1878 Press Company
8 1/2 x 11 - Color Cover Featuring a Lithograph from the Norm Nielsen Collection
240 Pages - Numerous Photos and Illustrations
$24.95 + $3.50 Shipping and Handling (U.S.)
Sales and Distribution: 203-888-7911
Email: 1878press@gmail.com

I read the book from cover to cover. It is a marvelous monument to the poets of various levels in our art.

Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C.-Merlin the Magician - 26 year performer at the Texas Renaissance Festival

It will certainly stand out as one of the most unique books in the libraries of magicians - not to mention, one of the most entertaining. It is like a box of rich chocolates. You have to select and savor the contents in small increments.

Robert Orben, Writer, Creator of humor and speech writer

Another unusual book by my friend William V. Rauscher. This oversized 250 page soft cover contains a huge number of poems, verses, and limericks on magic subjects. Many of these have been mined from impossible to find magazines like Mahatma and the Sphinx, as well as older issues of Genii and various other publications. If you're fond of magical verse, you'll want this book. A bargain at $25.00.

Richard Kaufman in Genii Speaks, Genii Magazine, February 2004

I had not anticipated that this book would be so large and multifaceted. It combs the literature of wizardry. Names like Albert Bigelow Paine and Edgar Guest rose nostalgically; verses dedicated to Doug Henning, Thurston and Houdini mingled with plebian doggerel; the sophisticated gracefulness of Karl Germain..on went the contents and my delighted reading.

John Booth, Magic Historian

This is not a shallow "See Jane Run" type of book. No, this is a profoundly entertaining look at the sub-culture of magicians and their idiosyncrasies, flirtation with power and humorous take on this dimension...A carload of interesting illustrations and eye catching cover we return to simpler times before terrorism and cynicism.

Ben Robinson, Performer, author

I was amazed at the number of magi who write in verse. The fun thing about Magic in Rhyme is that it can be read when all else is quiet and you can jump around the book.

Bev Bergeron

A wonderful and clever book, and I am so happy to say it is taking a place of honor in my magic den.

Pat Wagner, Performer, member of the Magic Castle

You'll enjoy these odes to Magic, be amazed and fascinated by some of the authors, and have an interesting and conversation-starting coffee table book.

Phil Willmarth, The Linking Ring, Official Publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, February 2004

The book is a much finer specimen of verse and publishing than I expected! ..I found a further bonus than the verse itself: the insights it gives to the magic historian. Reading the poems dealing with the shows of great magicians of the past, I fround revelations of what their shows must have been like, and how they were regarded by their contemporaries...I think the book is an invaluable reference for anyone attempting authoritative writing on these people...I feel honored to be included in the book and glad to be in such company.

Dan Waldron - Magic Historian, Author and Magician

You have compiled a fabulous collection. What a treasure for the Magic community.

Gene Cowell - The Magician