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Weird & Awesome Wonders

by William V. Rauscher
Mystic Light Press, Woodbury, New Jersey

Step right up! Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed amused, and astounded by the strange and wonderful curiosities found on the inside of a new book, Weird and Awesome Wonders by William V. Rauscher. A spectacular amalgamation of strange and bizarre exhibits has been assembled for your reading pleasure. Here are people just like you except for their deformities, their misfortunes of nature, and their exotic (even disgusting) talents.

Meet Waldo who swallowed and regurgitated live mice. Peer in wonder at Professor Heckler's Flea Circus. Stare (if you dare) at photos of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man. Discover Hadji Ali, the Egyptian Enigma, who spouted water and kerosene brought up from his stomach. Here, you'll find Percilla the Monkey Girl, Congo the Jungle Creep, the Human Pincushion who stuck skewers through his body, the unbelievable Mr. Lifto, and so man more.

For hundreds of years, audiences flocked to places like P.T. Barnum's American Museum, Hubert's Museum, and circus midways and sideshows of Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth. Changing tastes, dwindling crows and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 have relegated such exhibits to history. But now William Rauscher has brought them alive again! Within the pages of this book you'll meet circus aerialist Lillian Leitzel who fell 45 feet to her death from high above the circus arena floor. You'll meet her trapeze-artist lover, Alfredo Codona, the Adonis of the Altitudes, and be shocked at his violent end.

The great circuses under canvas, employing thousands of performers and workers, are a thing of the past. Audiences may never again marvel at the spectacular acts of terrifying tigers, prancing pachyderms, boisterous bears, and human cannonballs. William Rauscher takes you on a journey back to those thrilling days.

You may be shocked by the photos you see in Weird and Awesome Wonders.

You may thank God that you were not born one of them and put on display for people to gawk at. Are you wondering who these people were and what kind of lives they led? What to these sideshow freaks and performers mean for us? Well, step right up and see it all in the new book Weird & Awesome Wonders: An Episcopal cleric's journey through the world of sideshows, circuses, carnivals and human oddities. As they said on the bally platform outside the sideshow tent, "It's all on the inside, and it is alive!"

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Hardcover, Color Cover, Over 200 Pages - Color Photo Section - Numerous Photos and Illustrations

Price $59.95 - Postage and Handling $8.95 Plus Applicable Tax

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